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30-Day “BOOTY BURN” Challenge


The Booty Burn workout guide is something I put together for anyone who doesn’t have access to the gym but wants to keep crushing their goals from home. The Booty Burn workout guide is designed to help you sculpt and grow your glutes from home using just our “Booty Loop” resistance bands. 

The guide consists of 3 glutes focused sessions a week + 1 mobility session each week. I have also included nutrition tips for those trying to grow their glutes as well as some of my favorite protein-rich recipes and snacks from our recipe e-book. 

What’s included in the Booty Burn workout guide? 

  • 30 Day Workout guide 
  • PDF file demonstrating all the exercises, along with tips on technique, alternative variations, and much more. 
  • Exclusive access to our closed FB community 
  • Healthy, protein-rich recipes 


This is a workout plan that can be done separately or combined with our 30 days “Be More” challenge for maximum results. 


We are excited to be a part of your journey! 



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