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30-Day “BE MORE” Challenge


Hey you! 

This is our 30 – day workout challenge ‘BE MORE’. 

You can do this at home or at the gym because all you need is a resistance band and/or weights (Water bottles for example will do fine!) 

Our aim is to introduce you to a lifestyle in which you can GET FIT & STAY FIT. Time is the most precious thing we have so it’s super important to keep our workouts short, but effective! 

That is why each workout in this workout guide takes only 25 minutes! The workouts are intense, but oh so rewarding… trust me! 

In addition to the 4- 5  workouts each week, there is a little trick lets say hehe, which will help you lose body fat more efficiently, I have been doing this for years & years and find that it is truly the only solution for me. 

When purchasing, you will receive a PDF file with your workouts for each day, which is easy to follow while you train. You will also receive a detailed guide walking you through the proper technique of each exercise, variations and alternatives, with photos as well as exclusive access to a FB group which will have, live workouts, exciting new recipes, insightful interviews with health  & fitness professionals + the opportunity to ask questions and gain motivation from other group members! 

PS. Complete the challenge, share your results, and win awesome prizes like: 

  • A customized meal plan 
  • Workout with me 
  • Gym photoshoot 
  • New workout gear 
  • and so much more.

Just make sure you have your before & after photo and you’ll be ready to go! 

Can’t wait to work out with you hehe!!

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