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Call us crazy crazy, but before last week, we had never heard of G BAR Tallinn! 

As we all know, things can get a bit hectic at times and last week was no exception! We had very little time to shoot our new Snatch Me Up Pastel Collection & surprise surprise.. no place to do it at 😬 We knew we wanted our location to be equally as stunning as the collection (if we may say so ourselves) & that’s how it began. 

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We googled, we asked friends, we walked around looking for inspiration and sure enough, we found it! 

As soon as we read G BAR’s slogan “a beauty salon, but better” we knew they would be our perfect match. A female-owned business that wants to “be more”? Sign us up 😄✋🏽 !! 

The pastel-toned interior was nothing short of spectacular, we ended up using only a few corners of the salon, but trust us when we say, every bit of it is photogenic, literally (we have proof 😄!) 

We are so so happy with the results of our campaign shoot and can’t wait to create more magic there soon! 

We feel that the M0RE x G BAR shoot was a success, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so be sure to let us know how you like the shoot too!! 

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Find out a little more about G BAR here: https://gbar.ee



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