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More is more – how my journey started

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to our first official blogpost 🤩 … 

First of all let me introduce the girl behind the blog, for now at least 😄

My name is Liza and I am the co-founder of M0RE. 

You’ll have to bare with me while I get the hang of this thing, cause I’m really not much of a blogger. I’ve blogged once before and I think I only posted 4 entries before imposter syndrome got me and I deleted the whole thing haha. But I’m willing to give it another try! 

I grew up doing sports

First I thought I’d start with why we started M0RE but then I realised that in order to tell that story well, I’d have to tell a few other stories first. So today I’ll be sharing how I found my way to a healthy lifestyle ( including but not exclusive to the gym ). 

I grew up doing sports. I did ice-skating, played basketball, later tennis, hockey, netball and a few other things here and there. Because it was such a normal part of my life growing up I never really imagined not doing sports, but during my teenage years, like many people, I wasn’t as motivated to train and definitely not motivated to eat healthy! 

Reflection of unhealthy habits

My body reflected the unhealthy habits of my life, I wasn’t overweight, but I definitely wasn’t in shape. I went to the gym for the first time just before I turned 16 and not because I was motivated to work out, but because I wanted my body to look different. Looking back now, I know just how unhealthy that mindset is and just how much it can do, but back then I honestly didn’t even think about it ! 

As I started seeing the results of working out and having a better diet, I became obsessed with being skinnier (which I thought being fit was back then 🙄)! 

Honest thoughts 

I would sometimes work out twice a day, have a critically low calorie intake & feel incredibly guilty when eating sweets or missing a workout. I was obsessed with the scales, I would check how much I weigh sometimes twice a day and whenever I saw the numbers going up I would be absolutely devastated! The day before my 17th birthday I sat in the sauna, fully clothed to lose all the extra water-weight I could, crazy right? And you know what’s even crazier I still thought my arms looked so fat in the photo I took the next day on my birthday 🤯 

I’d gone from one extreme to the other, not working out and eating healthy to only working out and worrying about what I eat. 

Seeing changes

I’m not able to pinpoint the exact moment that I started changing and why exactly it happened, but slowly I started caring more and more about being stronger rather than skinnier. I would eat more, work out because I wanted to, not to cancel out the food I’d eaten that day & allowed myself to have “cheat meals”.

Reading this it may seem like these were changes that happened overnight, but they definitely were not! Even after I started to workout for the right reasons and eat better, it took me years to get to where I am now. 


The better my relationship with food because the more I started noticing how many people around me were repeating the same destructive patterns I once struggled with. Doing crazy diets and workouts only to burn out and binge eat for emotional comfort. I would give advice to the people that asked for it, but I knew there were people who wouldn’t ever ask, mostly because they didn’t even see a problem. 

This is when ideas of creating something to help a larger group of people started brewing in my mind, but I think we need a part 2 for that..  😁 

Hope you all enjoyed our first blogpost, if you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear them, so feel free to leave a comment or message us directly on Instagram 🤍 

M0RE Family 

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